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Kristine Girard is an accomplished artist who paints with techniques she developed herself, infusing her artwork with an aesthetic signature of her own. Between cities and nature, she has travelled back and forth over and again, and this is where she draws her inspiration. She was invited to exhibit in numerous well-known galleries. You will love her grand scale impressionist works that reveal nature in a way only she can express.


With the matter at the forefront, Kristine Girard combines and confronts the various media she applies with a knife, sometimes through an intimate gesture, sometimes through a graphic and unabashed gesture, in order to stop time on her canvas. This way of positioning herself vis-à-vis her work and applying her gesture defines the artist’s proposed scale. Kristine focuses mainly on her personal production. The mastering of the artist’s controlled reactions on the matter defines her as the master the matter.


All frames are made with cherry wood from Saguenay, Canada. The interior is always painted with chalk paint, which allows for a very dark definition or a vivid colour that complements the painting. The tomb frame leaves a void, which allows one to see the slice of the work in continuity with the painting, a wink at the ’70s aesthetic.